President Chen Shuo Giving a Lecture to the New Staffs of Future Star East China Camp IV

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  On July 29th, President Chen Shuo came to the East China Camp IV of Future Star Training Camp in Shandong Yantai Nanshan University and visited the new staffs who were under intensive training. On the Microelectronics Campers Symposium held on the evening of 29th, he had a pleasant conversation with 47 campers on the issue of CR Microelectronics status quo, development prospect, and new staff career planning and so on. He also made a frank and detailed answer to the hot topics among campers one by one.

  On the morning of July 30th, seminar “CR Managers’ Road to Success” was held in the auditorium. Serving as the sharing guest and speaker, Chen Shuo started his share of success by adopting a fascinating interview. With the help of vivid video and image resources, he introduced the basic knowledge of microelectronics and the overview, business operation and strategic thinking of CR microelectronics. Moreover, he shared his views on the development of China microelectronics industry by combining with information security.

  President Chen also shared his talent training ideas which was represented by the concept of “it taking ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men and to train people is the most important mission” and demonstrated his “Life Map”. He talked about his life experience and attributed the success of the enterprise to the four elements “clear strategy”, “dedicated leadership”, “motivated employees” and “effective management tool”. He encouraged those who attended the lecture to adopt a pragmatic attitude, to start from scratch and always adhere to the CR core value of “honest and trustworthy” as to bloom their life glory continuously on the CR stage. At the end of the lecture, Chen Shuo invited the campers whose birthday is in this week to come to the platform and presented them in person with exquisitely prepared gifts. The atmosphere reached a climax.

  With his personal experience, funny words and unique insights, President Chen touched the heart of each camper. At the same time, he made confidence, responsibility, courage, selflessness, honesty and other excellent CR qualities go deep into the people’s mind and guide for all the members “a road to success”.