2015 “the Chinese Chip, the Chinese Dream” Campus Recruitment

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  Prepared from the end of July and carried out in 12 universities in Chengdu, Lanzhou, Xi’an, Hefei and Nanjing on 11th – 25th October, the company, according to 2014 business performance and actually BU requirement, 2015 “the Chinese Chip, the Chinese Dream” campus recruitment plan provides 115 positions of 22 categories.

  On 16th – 18th October, CRM initiated several publicity meetings in Xidian University, XJTU and Xi’an University of Technology with the main idea of “the Chinese Chip, the Chinese Dream” which attracted many students.

  In the afternoon of 17th, Chairman Chen Shuo along with HR Director Yao Donghan and Zhengming, Zhangli who are leaders from CRpowTech and Semicon Microelectronics visited the campus of Xidian University. As an honored guest, Chairman Chen introduced to the students the status quo of the company and the vacant positions and he then talked with the students with great passion. He mentioned that as one of the pillar companies of this nation, CRM encourages the students to apply their knowledge in the field of micro-electronics and make our country stronger. Everyone was attracted to this relaxing, active and warm communication. There were in total 600 students attended the meetings in Xi’an and 800 resumes were submitted to the company on site or by email and wechat. To date, 65 new employees were recruited in Chengdu, Lanzhou and Xi’an.

  When the publicity meeting was over, the signing ceremony for setting up a scholarship by CRM in Xidian University was held at the meeting room in administration building on the south campus of Xidian University. Deputy Party Secretary Long Jiancheng introduced the history of the university, future system of talent education and the training goal. He said that by setting up this scholarship, a cooperation platform between the company and the university would efficiently promote the development of the latter’s education, scientific study and hi-tech innovation and provide poverty stricken students with assistance. Thus, a win-win future for both the company and the university would be expected.

  Chairman Chen emphasized the steady friendship between CRM and Xidian University and expressed his wish for further advancing the R&D and strengthening the cooperation of post-doctoral research center. He detailed the scholarship, including rewarding conditions and limit. He said that this was just the beginning of a series supportive plan for Xidian University because CRM took it as its responsibility to help students accomplish their study. CRM was expecting more excellent graduates to activate the working atmosphere and boost its competiveness and in return to promote the development of Xidian University. Thus, a close cooperation between the company and the university would be established and through win-win strategy to make our country even stronger.

  In the future, CRM will continue to carry out promotion activities of company culture, oriented interactive R&D cooperation and technological forum in different campuses to advance multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation between the company the and university and to facilitate dynamic integration and optimized configuration of resources and joint cultivation of needed talent by the society.