Company held the Technical Personnel Talk at the beginning of 2015.

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In the afternoon of February 12, company held the IC COFFEE TALK among technical personnel at the beginning of 2015. Thirty-five technical representatives from business units were present. The Talk is intended to help technical personnel experience the great importance of Company to technology, express our decision on technology investment and increase the cohesion and confidence of technical personnel. Shuo CHEN, chairman of the board and Donghan YAO and Guoping WANG, company leader also attended the Talk.
The Strategic Development Department and the HR Department introduced our strategic planning, two-channel development route, incentive policies and other issues that technical personnel are interested in. And technical personnel communicated and exchanged ideas on our development strategies, organizing abilities, cultural atmosphere, career development, scientific and ecological construction and other topics. All of participants spoke freely, shared their experience during company reformation and gave many good advices on the Talk. It is a really hot Talk.
At the end of Talk, Company gave each of technical personnel spring festival scrolls to reflect our greeting. It was also expressed that the growth of technical company would rely on technical suggestions and the voice of technical personnel were very important. The communication in the form of Talk will continue so that technical personnel will exchange ideas, give more advices, contribute their wisdom, help our company improve the operation mode, stimulate the creation and innovation and accomplish continuous successes.