CRM (688396) Was Successfully Listed on SSE STAR MARKET Today, the First Share of Red Chip Setting Sail

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China Resources Microelectronics Limited initially offered its shares to the public and was formally listed on the SSE STAR MARKET of Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 27, 2020 (Stock Abbreviation: CRM, stock code: 688396) . It is the birth date of the First Share of Red Chip. CRM issue price is RMB 12.80, the opening price is RMB 50.00 and the rate of increase is 290.63%.

To remember the historical moment, CR Micro held a small and simple celebration activity full of rituals in the company at the same time, which means a new chapter of CR Micro returning to the capital market. "CR Micro 2.0"now formally sets sail.

(Group photo)

Honored guests witness the company listing

Huang Qin, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, Zhu Aixun, Member of Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor and other honored guests visited our company at 9:00 in the morning and expressed their congratulations on CR Micro as the first Red Chip listed company in SSE STAR MARKET! They also expressed warm congratulations on successful listing of CR Micro! Meanwhile, they hope CR Micro will take and grasp this opportunity, scientifically allocate resources, effectively promote better and quicker development of the enterprise to give back to the society with products and services of higher quality, to give back to the shareholders with better operation achievements, to build good image on the capital market and to make greater contribution to the high quality development of local economy and the society.

(Cordial communication between leaders of Wuxi government and leaders of CR Micro)

(Address from leaders of Wuxi government)

"China Chip" of CR. Micro: Grasping the Opportunities and Making Efforts in the New Age

Fu Yuning, the board chairman of China Resources Group sent an address from Hong Kong on the ceremony, he said: "setting up the SSE STAR MARKET and pilot registration system is the important measure of China Securities Regulatory Commission to implement Socialism with Chinese Characteristics at new age of Chairman Xi Jinping and the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress, to carry out a serious of important instructions of the capital market by Chairman Xi Jinping and to deepen capital market reform."He emphasized that today is "a new start, a new opportunity and a new challenge" of CR Micro. Pursing commercial success of an enterprise has no borders, but the entrepreneurs all have feelings for their nation. As one of the large-sized state enterprises first entering microelectronics industry in China, CR Micro occupies an important place in national development layout of microelectronics industry. We shall have consciousness of worries and long-term goals, and actively take up mission of the country concerning core technology and important industrial chain. Meanwhile, we firmly believe CR Micro, the "China Chip", will gain commercial success and make contribution to realize "not being controlled by others" of our country. We will grasp the opportunities and make efforts in the new age and make more contribution to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.

(Speech by Fu Yuning, board chairman of China Resources Group)

For the future development of CR Micro, Mr. Li Fuli, the board chairman of CR Micro, said in his address: the development history of CR Micro showed the development hardship of Chinese integrated circuit industry and CR Micro clearly put forward the strategic goal of becoming the global leading supplier in power semiconductor and intelligent sensor products and solutions. Now, CR Micro has almost finished the deployment of "Yangtze River +Zhujiang River" regions and set up “Runke Industrial Fund Platform" and "CR Micro Listing Platform" so as to help the company to realize quality and sustainable development.

(Speech by Mr. Li Fuli, the vice general manager from China Resources Group)

Wang Sheng, the president assistant of China International Capital Corporation Limited, executive principal and managing director of investment bank, pointed out in his address: CR Micro successful listing on the sci-tech innovation board created a pioneership for red chip companies to land the domestic capital market. It is the milestone event in the process of development of Chinese capital market and has profound milestone significance. As the first A-share listed red chip enterprise for this time, CR Micro received high attention from all sectors of society, obtained comprehensive guidance from regulators and won the wide supports from capital market, investors and medias. The successful listing of CR Micro is the fruitful achievements of capital market reform and also gives full expression to each side's firm confidence in the development prospect of Chinese semiconductor industry and the company.

(Speech by Wang Sheng, the leader from China International Capital Corporation Limited)

Work Hard as a Team Fight "Epidemic" to Move Ahead

Facing the current special epidemic period, CR Micro celebrated the listing by a kind of “simple and full of sense of ritual" way. At the spacious and ventilated company hall, CR Micro simulated the hall of Shanghai Stock Exchange to temporarily set up the performance site. At 9:30 am, Chen Nanxiang, the standing vice president of the company, led the top management team to strike the gong together with the leaders from Wuxi Municipal Government and jointly celebrate this historic moment. During the epidemic, CR Micro set up the epidemic prevention and control team, tried its best to launch the spinning war of epidemic prevention and control and put the employees’ life safety and health in the first place in order to ensure the work and production resumption. Now, the employees’ work resumption rate and capacity utilization rate have reached more than 90%. Meanwhile, the company works hard as a team, fights "epidemic" to move ahead and does its best to ensure the supply of chips for important epidemic prevention and control instruments and equipment such as thermodetectors, respirators and oxygenerators so as to make its own contribution to the early victory of epidemic snipping war. Just as Chen Nanxiang, the standing vice president of the company, mentioned in his letter to partners, clients and suppliers:" In the situation of joint response to challenges, CR Micro will firmly stand together with the country and society and bear the obligatory social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise. During this hard time, CR Micro will also go forward together with partners, clients and suppliers and minimize the epidemic adverse effects. It is a contribution that should be made by a business enterprise for the society and all the stakeholders."

(Speech by Chen Nanxiang, standing vice president of CR Micro)

Start again Win a HonoraryJourney

On the morning of the same day, the company used Zhumu Video System of Shanghai Securities News to have the online exchange meeting with the media friends always caring and supporting CR Micro. Chen Nanxiang, the standing vice president of the company, Peng Qing, Assistant General Manager and CFO of the company, and Wu Guoyi, the board secretary, actively interacted with media, answered each question proposed by othersand make people further know CR Micro.

(Media Exchange Video Meeting)

CR Micro landed sci-tech board for this time and created the first of several items. The company is the first "Red Chip Listed" enterprise in A-share market in China, the first enterprise with A-share face value in HK dollar (not RMB), the first A-share enterprise listed in "Limited Company" (not joint stock company) and the first sci-tech board enterprise introducing "Green Shoe Option"

According to the offering results announcement, the company announces that it has successfully introduce National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd, China Reform Holdings Co., Ltd and China CICC Wealth Management Securities Company Limited through this strategic allotment.

Chen Nanxiang, the standing vice president of CR Micro, said that the China Securities Regulatory Commission introduced the sci-tech board in order to make up the weakness of domestic capital market in the scientific and technology innovation and the new generation of IT industry represented by the integrated circuit was the subdivision industry importantly supported by the sci-tech board. Replying on this landing chance on sci-tech board and keeping a foothold on current basis, the company will further focus on the semiconductor products widely applied in the new economic fields such as power semiconductors and intelligent sensors, keep in the lead in the industry through technical innovation. Meanwhile, the company will deeply explore Chinese market opportunities, keep pushing out the new technology and product suitable for market demands, solidify and promote the current market position and competitive advantage of the company and make its own contribution for Chinese integrated circuit cause and Chinese economic development.

Work hard as a team and fight "epidemic" to move ahead. CR Micro will go forward together with you. We firmly believe that, the epidemic will definitely be conquered! The current difficulties will definitely be overcome! we will become much stronger when we get out of the trouble! We always keep trying! Start again and win a honorary journey!