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  • Product Name
    a non-isolated buck LED constant-current lighting controller
  • Product Overview
    The CS6583 is a only-one inductance non-isolated buck toppology LED constant-current lighting controller which achieves 85Vac-265Vac input voltage and works in boundary conduction mode.It needs few external components and lowest quiescent current.The system output-current will not change when the inductance,The unique constant current control method accurately controls the LED current from the primary side, and therefore significantly simplifies the LED lighting system design by eliminating the secondary side feedback components.
  • Main Feature

    ● Only-one inductance non-isolated buck toppology

    ● Lowest Quiescent current

    ● 85Vac-265Vac Input Voltage

    ● Integrate 500V power MOSFET

    ●±5% High Precision LED Output current

    ● LED Open/Short Circuit Protection

    ● CS Resistor Short-circuit protection

    ● Over-temperature Protection

  • Product Application
    LED candle lamp,LED bulb lamp and orther LED lighting
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