• Product No
  • Product Name
    8-Bit Microprocessor with 14-bit ADC
  • Product Overview
    CS7721 is a high performance, low power consumption and 3 3/4 digits Analog to Digital Converter that built-in the microprocessor. It includes the 8-bit microprocessor, low noise and high stability OPAMP, AC rectifier OPAMP, voltage promotion and regulated voltage power, high regulated bandgap, auto measurement switch and function control circuit, buzzer driver circuit, clock oscillation circuit, backlight display control circuit, LCD display driver circuit and so on
  • Main Feature

    ● Power Voltage Range: 2.4V~3.6V

    ● Max. Display: 4000 Counts(3 3/4 digits)

    ● Conversion Rate: 3times/sec

    ● The Negative Indication: Auto

    ● Low Battery Warning: Approx. 2.4V

    ● Clock Source: 4MHz Crystal Oscillator

    ● Buzzer Driver Circuit (Frequency is about 2.7kHz)

    ● RS232 Serial Data Output

    ● Embedded OPAMP for AC/DC conversion

    ● Unit Symbol and Backlight Display

    ● Auto Power-off

    ● Function Keys: Range, Hold/BLCTR, Rel, Select, Hz/Duty, RS232 and Reset\

  • Product Application
    Auto Measurement Palm Digital Multimeter/ Card Digital Multimeter/ Pen Digital Multimeter; / Clinch Meter (Hook meter, Clamp Meter, etc.); Number Panel Meter
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